The OneEmpower Way

Customer loyalty is not just about giving rewards or enhancing payment services. It is about managing the Smart CVM Cycle™ holistically to achieve the goal of maximising the life-time value of a customer to a business. OneEmpower provides comprehensive technology solutions to help businesses achieve this.

Smart CVM™ goes beyond traditional CRM programs and allows you to communicate only the most relevant and compelling offers to your customers. It empowers you to engage your customers via the medium most relevant to them be it the point of sale terminal, their smartphone, tablet, PC, or feature phone, or via old school snail mail.

Smart CVM™ allows clients to offer client-funded and merchant-funded rewards, including any combination of points, cash rebates, coupons, vouchers, stamps and draw chances, to increase usage and delight customers domestically or while overseas. Smart CVM works equally well with any form of products or services, including credit, debit or prepaid cards, bank products and services such as deposits, loans and wealth management, and other consumer products and services.